A Sunny Morning, Eggs, and Honey

Today was our last day in Muskegon State Park. We woke around nine to a sunny morning, with the silhouettes of a few caterpillars shining through the tent roof. We got ready at the campground. Then, we packed up our tent and gear and headed for the campground that my boyfriend’s family were staying at.

Driving through the sunshine to the other campground.

When we arrived, his family had already kindly cooked a breakfast of sausage, pancakes with homegrown blueberries, and eggs from their chickens. We sat in camping chairs around the fire pit, talking and laughing. It was a pleasant time.

The upwards view from where I sat beside the fire pit.

In the early afternoon, we said our goodbyes. My boyfriend’s aunt gave us eggs, fresh from her chickens and ducks. His uncle gave us honey, fresh from his honeybee farm.

Chicken and duck eggs from my boyfriend’s aunt.
Honey from my boyfriend’s uncle.

Now, I’m back to the office until the next adventure.

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    Hello! Nice blog. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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      Thank you! 🙂

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