A Wet Tent, Seagull Shenanigans, and a Broken Down Van

Today, my boyfriend and I continued our time in Muskegon. We awoke around 8:30 AM to a sprinkling rain. It was pleasant to wake up to the smell of rain and the sight of the dewy trees. However, it was less pleasant to realize that it was a bad idea to leave both sides of the rain fly pulled back. The edges of everything inside the tent were damp.

My view from inside the tent this morning, with light rain falling.

We got ready in the campground bathroom, a bathroom that I would describe as “doable with sandals”. Then, we met up with my boyfriend’s family and went to the farmer’s market. My boyfriend carried his baby niece strapped to his front side, and she promptly nodded off, which I was highly amused by. I bought a carton of cherries and ate so many of them that my teeth and fingers were stained purple.

Cherries from the farmer’s market.

After that, we went to the Muskegon beach. The beach was not crowded at all due to the weather.

Paintings on the side of the restroom building at Muskegon beach.

The water was too chilly for me to swim, but I at least put my feet in the waves while I watched the others splash around and freeze their butts off.

The tide on Lake Michigan.

It was chilly and cloudy at first at the beach, and I was cozy in sweatpants and a sweater. In the early afternoon, the clouds broke for clear skies and sunshine.

The sun breaking through the clouds.

It warmed up quickly. I laid out in the sun and darkened my shorts, tee, and watch tan.

My view of the sky from where I lay on the beach.

While some of us relaxed, others did not. They buried one cousin in the sand and threw chips around him, to see how close they could get a seagull to come to him. They even tried the trick of covering his arms with a towel and throwing chips on it to catch the seagull with the towel, but to no avail. (Adult cousins.)

Buried in the sand, enticing seagulls to come closer with chips.

Later in the afternoon, we headed to the campground that my boyfriend’s family was staying at, to set up their camp. When we arrived, we found out that the person across the road was stuck on her campsite that she was supposed to check out of, because her camper van had broken down. My boyfriend’s family towed her van to her family’s neighboring campsite.

Towing the broken-down camper van.

Once we finished setting up camp, we went out to dinner. We sat outside, ten of us together at a long table. We had a happy time, talking and laughing. After dinner, we went back to the campsite for a campfire.

The campfire.

After a long day, my boyfriend and I went back to our campsite and turned in for the night. With clear skies forecast, we snuggled into our little tent with the rain fly open to the fresh air and a view of the night sky.

Responses to “A Wet Tent, Seagull Shenanigans, and a Broken Down Van”

  1. David Avatar

    Sounds like a great day!

  2. rothpoetry Avatar

    I love your camping stories. We camped a lot when our kids were little. It was great! Rain always puts a damper on the day it seems. Those cherries look delicious!

    1. Emily Burley Avatar

      Thank you, I look forward to sharing more stories with you!

      1. rothpoetry Avatar

        You are welcome. :>)

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