Beaches, the Ambulance, and Frisbee

Today was a good day. For the first half of the day, I worked from home. Then, my boyfriend and I packed up the camping gear and headed for Muskegon, MI. We arrived at the campsite in the early afternoon, a KOA because the state campground books up fast. We set up our little tent in a patch of dirt that’s nicely boxed in by woods and our car, so we have privacy and shade. I’m quite satisfied with our setup. A couple years ago, we spent our first night in this tent with just a couple blankets and a pillow, with the hard ground and cold air keeping us up all night. Now, we come equipped with two sleeping pads, a sleeping bag, a blanket, and a pillow. With the breeze coming in, we’ll sleep like babies.

Our tent setup.

Then, we met up with my boyfriend’s family at the beach along Lake Michigan. Two of his cousins were there with their ambulance-turned-camper, which they’d been traveling in for a month. I was impressed by the renovation. It’s functional and stylish, even equipped with a sink, refrigerator, and full bed.

The ambulance-turned-camper at the beach.

After spending some time at the beach, we went out to dinner at a local restaurant. Then, we came back to the beach to play frisbee and watch the sunset. It was a muted sunset, veiled by the clouds on the horizon. At dusk, we headed back to the campsite. We spent a little time chatting around the campfire, and then turned in for the night.

The campfire.

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    Cool! I love when people convert different vehicles into RVs

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