Spring rain in Michigan

Rain falling on the deck as a cardinal perches on the rhododendron.

The moisture is finally coming back to Michigan.

A few years ago, a relative from California visited us in Michigan during the summertime. She had never been to Michigan before, and she remarked that it is “tropical.” At the time, I didn’t understand. Being at the northern border of the United States, we have relatively harsh winters. The cold kills the vegetation and saps the moisture from the air.

Then, I visited California for the first time. On the flight home, I understood. Passing over Michigan’s forests, I realized how green they were. They were a solid blanket of leaves.

After a particularly snowy winter, Michigan is thawing. Temperatures are climbing. Finally, instead of snow and freezing rain, spring rain is falling. The trees are budding. Soon, we’ll have leaves and flowers.

Responses to “Spring rain in Michigan”

  1. 100 Country Trek Avatar

    This rain was so rainy in Michigan..we are visiting here in Vermont but no rain here . I will follow your blog now.

  2. tanjabrittonwriter Avatar

    Living in an area affected by a megadrought, I am very envious for your spring rains…

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